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Business hotel management school job Work West has helped countless individuals achieve their dreams of traveling, working and studying in other countries through enrollment in comprehensive learning and training programs that equip them with all necessary skills plus knowledge to attain promising careers abroad.

Although a relatively new company, Work West has grown massively since its foundation, and managed to form new partnerships with other organizations in developed nations to give applicants a significantly wider range of opportunities.

The Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS) located on the Shore of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland is amongst this organizationís newest partners. Work West makes it possible for enrollees to study in this widely-recognized educational institution, which is an excellent learning and training opportunity for those interested in grabbing it.

BHMS is an ideal choice for any student looking to equip himself with knowledge and skillsets for attaining a promising global career outside their homelands. Included in the schoolís learning program, which lasts for an entire duration of two years, is intensive industry training. Throughout every annum, enrollees are provided with one sound training assignment in a certain business establishment.

The establishment is carefully selected by BHMS, as itíll serve as the training grounds for their pupils. These selected venues provide excellent work experience for enrollees in Swiss hospitality, which in turn further makes them better and more equipped candidates for tourism-related work abroad.

Throughout each school year at BHMS, six months will be dedicated to studying, while the remaining six months will devoted to internship. The internship program will not only have them implement and practice everything theyíve learned from the course so far, but students will actually get paid every month in the process.

The truly enriching program of BHMS is open to anyone 18 to 19 years old only. Interested applicants will have to possess an English skill level equivalent to IELTS 4.0 or TOEFEL ibt 31. Tuition fee is 24,500 CHF for the first year, and 15,400 for the second. In addition, it should be known that all prices will be subject to change.

Aside from gaining an excellent competitive edge for starting a stable and promising career is a first-world country of choice, the chance to travel to the City of Lucerne can be considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience in itself.

Lucerne is a popular tourist destination, and was actually voted as the 5th most popular tourist destination across the globe by Tripadvisor.

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