Canadian College of English Language

Canadian College of English Language job Work West is an international organization that’s dedicated to the creation of programs that’ll equip their enrollees with skillsets and knowledge necessary for traveling, studying, and working abroad. In line with this company’s goals, creating new partnerships with reputable entities – which also share the same objectives as Work West – is and will always be an on-going process.

Recently, Work West has formed new ties with the Canadian College of English Language (CCEL) to help achieve the objectives of this company to produce highly-qualified and well-trained individuals able to live promising careers.

The CCEL is recognized world-wide, and has managed to send countless students to work the jobs they love at the country of their choice.

Work West would like interested applicants to know that there are two courses being offered at CCEL, wherein the first one is known as the Business English Work Study. Spanning a duration of one year, the first six months will be dedicated to full-time study, while the remaining six months will be for internship.

For the latter, a business establishment is carefully selected as the training grounds for enrollees. Moreover, students can rest assured that they’ll be paid every month for their services rendered.

This program is open to all applicants aging 18 to 40 years old. To qualify, CCEL has an online skills assessment test that’ll require a score of at least 130 in order to pass. The total program price will cost around 6,600 CAD.

The other available course is called the Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op, which is a 2-year program comprised of eight semesters. Each semester will last twelve weeks long, and has a one-week holiday before the start of the next.

This program is open to anyone between the ages of 18 to 40. To qualify, enrollees are required to have an English skill level equivalent to IELTS 5.5, TOEFEL IBT 46, or garner a passing grade at the CCEL online placement test.

Other than acquiring comprehensive skillsets and complete industry knowledge necessary to establish promising careers in the country of choice, a student will also have the chance to explore the beautiful City of Vancouver.

Vancouver has been ranked the 4th highest quality of living of any city across the planet. CCEL is located in the heart of the city, which grants students immediate access to restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and other places of interest to visit during their stay.

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