Marriott International – A World Class Employer Marriott International, Inc. is an American owned hospitality company that owns numerous hotels and lodging facilities throughout the world. The company offers franchise opportunities to investors as well. This mega corporation was founded in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott and actually began as a root beer stand in Washington D.C. Later Mr. Marriott decided to venture into restaurants and hotels and today the corporation owns 3,400 separate properties in the United States and 67 other countries.

In November of 2010 Marriott announced that it planned to add over 600 new hotel properties by 2015 with the majority of the new locations to be located in the emerging market of India but the new hotels will also include lodging facilities in China and other parts of Southeast Asia as well. These exciting new ventures will ensure that the Marriott will remain the world leader in providing quality accommodations to weary travellers and will provide thousands of new job opportunities.

Marriott Corporation is one of the major hotel employers throughout the world and offers new and exciting opportunities in numerous fields. Working for this huge conglomerate provides one with the chance to travel to foreign lands and to enjoy a rewarding career in many different parts of the world.

Perhaps the best way to learn about what it is like to work for this amazing employer is to listen to what current employees have to say about their experiences with Marriott International.

* Dice is currently employed as a Service Agent in CA and has this to say about working for the Marriott. “Nice company culture, family-friendly, discounts are added perks and the benefits are great. Overall Marriott is a good place to work for and it also offers flexibility for those who are juggling school and even those who are working some other part-time job.”

* A current Front Desk Associate working in Kennesaw, GA is quite pleased with his position and says “Love it! I am working with great colleagues. My boss is very good at hiring the right people who can jive with the team very well. We are like a big family here in this hotel; all are team players and do everything for the improvement of the hotel and our customers”.

* Yet another employee in Alison Viejo, CA comments that “Marriott is a good company to work for. Usually headed by competitive management teams” and a current Night Auditor in Marina del Ray, CA describes his work as having “Nice pay, great management, wonderful benefits for full time workers.” He enjoys the flexibility of working for such a large corporation and states that Marriott is an “One of the best companies to work for, especially if you need to move. Their transfer process is really easy”.

* It’s easy to understand why so many people want to work for this amazing company. Offering excellent salaries, great benefit packages and a chance to travel to different parts of the world makes employment with the Marriott Corporation a desirable and much sought after opportunity that promises employees a secure future in an ever changing and exciting environment.

work Requirements:
The Internship program in the USA is offered to third and fourth year students in University, and those that have graduated within one year of their program start date. Their studies must be related to Hospitality. The program is available to people 34 years or younger.

Accepted field of University Study:

Hospitality Tourism
Restaurant / Hotel Management
Food Tech
Home Economics
Or any subject which is related to the field of employment abroad.

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